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pinkflowerThe Master Gardeners Association of Alberta (MGAA) is a provincial non-profit society dedicated to providing Master Gardeners with opportunities to enhance their gardening and horticultural education and skills, to network with fellow gardeners across the province and to volunteer at various levels in the community. “

Formed in 2011, the Society’s goal is to provide educational tools for continued learning and enhancement beyond the completion of an acknowledged Master Gardener training program.

Members are a diverse group of individuals that all share a deep common interest in gardening.

The Master Gardeners Association of Alberta draws members from both Edmonton and Calgary and works with a list of affiliated partners.

It is an organization based on learning, sharing of knowledge, service opportunities, and garden-problem solving. We arrange workshops, programs, tours, and speakers on areas of interest to Master Gardeners as requested by our members.

If you are already a Master Gardener and want to join, or have questions about how to become a Master Gardener, please contact the Director of Communications, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.