Membership Criteria

Membership of the Master Gardeners Association of Alberta (MGAA) is open to Alberta residents who have received a Master Gardener certificate from a program recognized by the Society.

Categories of Membership

1. Active Members – individuals who have received their Master Gardener certificate, are members in good standing, and annually volunteer as Master Gardeners depending on their circumstances, to their best of their ability in either and/or an administrative capacity, ongoing education, and in volunteer service to the public; reporting hours and activities volunteered annually at the time of membership renewal.
Active members are entitled to receive notice of, attend, and vote at all general meetings of the Association, and to hold office.

2. Student Members – individuals who are currently registered in a recognized Provincial Master Gardener Training Program recognized by the Association, up to December 31st of the year that they complete their training program; at a reduced membership fee.
Students are entitled to receive notice of, attend general meetings of the Society, but are not entitled to vote or hold office.

3. Honorary Members – individuals recognized by the MGAA for their significant contribution to the affairs of the Association. Honorary members are not required to perform or report volunteer service. Honorary members are entitled to receive notice of and attend general meetings of the Association but are not entitled to vote or hold office.


Membership Requirements: Volunteer Hours

The MGAA realizes that members’ capacity for undertaking volunteer activity in areas such as administration, ongoing education, or in volunteer service to the public may depend on circumstances: there is no minimum number of volunteer hours required to maintain membership of the organization. However it is acknowledged that documentation of volunteer hours adds credibility to the MGAA’s mandate, enhances our ability to qualify for funding and may help individuals in job applications. MGAA is now asking members that at the time of membership renewal, they report their volunteer hours for the previous year, together with a summary of their most significant contributions. We realize that at the end of 2017, members may not have documentation of their volunteer hours, so that action is optional for 2017 but would be most helpful to submit an estimate of your hours using the Volunteer Hours Reporting Form.

Volunteer activities are categorized as follows:

  • Administration e.g. board members, organizing committees, MGAA training programs.
  • Ongoing personal education in the area of gardening e.g. attendance at learning events, undertaking a project, taking horticultural courses from recognized institutions.
  • Volunteer service to the public e.g. helping at school, community or public garden, providing educational opportunities, fielding ‘Ask A Master Gardener’ questions in public venues.
  • Other e.g. gardening volunteer activities not adequately captured in the above three categories.

Please complete the Volunteer Hours Reporting Form and submit it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the time you renew, or mail to the MGAA registered address at: P.O. Box 73074, Hamptons Post Office, Edmonton, Alberta T5T 3X1