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"The lesson I have thoroughly learnt, and wish to pass on to others, is to know the enduring happiness that the love of a garden gives."

Gertrude Jekyll

About Us

The MGAA and Our Members

Formed in 2011, the Master Gardeners Association of Alberta (MGAA) is a provincial, non-profit society. The MGAA is dedicated to providing Master Gardeners with opportunities to further enhance their gardening and horticultural education and skills, volunteer at various levels in the community, and network with fellow gardeners across the province.

MGAA members are a diverse group of individuals that all share a deep common interest in gardening. The MGAA draws members from across Alberta.

The majority of our members earned their Master Gardener designation by completing an Alberta Master Gardener Educational Program. These programs provide comprehensive in-classroom education and hands-on experience in areas such as plant interactions with the environment, botany, plant identification, plant care, growing plants successfully in Alberta, integrated pest management, and the art of gardening. They also include a practicum or project and studies of specific areas of horticultural interest.

For more information about the Master Gardener Educational Programs offered in Alberta, please click here.

The MGAA offers its members amazing opportunities to Learn, Connect, and Grow!


Opportunities to Learn

The MGAA fosters an environment that supports the pursuit of life-long learning. Our goal is to provide educational tools for continued learning and enhancement beyond the completion of an acknowledged Master Gardener Educational Program.

We arrange workshops, programs, tours, and speakers on areas of interest to Master Gardeners, as requested by our members. Many of our events are available to the public. For more information about our upcoming events, please click here.


Opportunities to Connect

The MGAA promotes sharing of the most up-to-date horticultural knowledge. We aim to keep abreast of the latest research and theories in horticultural practices, and then share and implement these concepts as we engage our "green thumbs" in gardening pursuits.

Our members embrace opportunities to spread gardening information, and help solve gardening problems and challenges within our communities.

The MGAA operates in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration with other societies and associations in the horticultural sector. For a list of MGAA affiliates, please click here.


Opportunities to Grow

The MGAA is committed to increasing public awareness of the role and contributions of Master Gardeners in Alberta and to promoting the benefits of gardening.

Watch for Master Gardeners fielding gardening questions and providing practical gardening advice at various horticultural events throughout Alberta!

If you are already a Master Gardener and wish to join the MGAA, or have questions about how to become a Master Gardener, please contact the Director of Membership at .