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"The lesson I have thoroughly learnt, and wish to pass on to others, is to know the enduring happiness that the love of a garden gives."

Gertrude Jekyll

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Master Gardeners Association of Alberta (MGAA)?

  1. We are a provincial, non-profit society comprised of Master Gardeners from all regions of Alberta.

2. Why do we need the MGAA?

  1. The MGAA was formed in direct response to requests from existing Master Gardeners and Master Gardener students for an organization that would connect gardening enthusiasts across the province and create learning opportunities for experienced individuals who have already completed one of the available Master Gardener programs.

3. What is the MGAA's mandate?

  1. The MGAA has four primary objectives;

i. To assist Master Gardeners in enhancing their education;
ii. To connect Master Gardeners across Alberta and with other Master Gardener organizations in Canada;
iii. To provide a way for the wider community to interact with Master Gardeners and inform the gardening community of volunteer opportunities;
iv. To create consistent definitions of the rights and responsibilities of those who bear the title of Master Gardener.

4. If I have my designation from another province, may I become a member?

  1. Membership is open to Master Gardeners who have completed the requirements for a Master Gardener program recognized by the MGAA, and who reside in Alberta.

5. How do I become a Master Gardener?

  1. The number of available programs may fluctuate depending on which organizations are able to offer the program. Although each program has its own specific requirements and syllabus, any that are listed on our MG Training page satisfy the requirement of Master Gardeners to be well-rounded generalists with knowledge in each of the areas of gardening expertise. To learn more about these programs or to find one near you, please click here.

6. How do I join the MGAA?

  1. Currently, applications are being accepted from Master Gardeners who have successfully completed the requirements of a Master Gardener program recognized by the MGAA.
  2. Click here to review the membership criteria and application process.

7. How much are the annual fees?

  1. As of 2019 the fees are $40 for an active membership and $10 for a student membership if you are currently enrolled in a recognized Master Gardener program.
    (In the case of a fee discrepancy between the website and the application form, the application form takes precedence).

8. What are the benefits of MGAA membership?

  1. Affiliation with a formal association of your peers enhances the status of your Master Gardener designation.
  2. Membership is an ideal way to stay on top of the latest industry trends, connect with your colleagues, and develop a greater understanding of the role of the Master Gardener.