Assistance on greengate Chatline

Members of MGAA will be offering our gardening knowledge to assist Greengate Garden Centres ( with their Chatline. Many MGs stepped forward and more could be used.

Who: Alberta Master Gardeners and students of an Alberta Master Gardener Program, up to 20 of us!

  • All participants MUST be Active, Student or Honorary members of the MGAA
  • If you haven’t renewed or joined as yet now is the time to do so!

What: Greengate Garden Centres online support for the promotion of gardening. Answering questions posed by customers to Master Gardeners.

When: April through June. As often as you are willing, in two-hour shifts.

How: Training to be provided regarding the online platform in mid-March by Greengate. Mobile or computer enabled.

Notes: Support will be provided by greengate staff, a frequently asked questions page, as well as our MGAA forum and other print and online resources.

If you are an Active, Student or Honorary Member of MGAA and would like to participate in this initiative, please RSVP Laurie here.