Master Gardeners, we invite you to write! Collectively, we have an immense amount of gardening knowledge and experience - let's share it with each other. This is a fun opportunity to explore and research your favourite gardening topics and author your own short articles for publication in the MGAA's Leaflet. Here are some themes:

  • GARDENING PRACTICES: Is there something new that you are doing this year? Write a short article this spring on what you will be trying (e.g., starting seedings with new LED lights, supplementing soil with biochar, etc.) and write a follow up in the fall with your results.
  • SHARING KNOWLEDGE: Is there a gardening topic that fascinates you? Share your knowledge in a short article at any time.
  • REVIEWING BOOKS: Is there a book about gardening you find particularly insightful? Chances are fellow MGs would love to know about it! Review your book for our gardening community.


Please contact [email protected] for more information or to volunteer to write. Many thanks!